Hair Care what’s all the rage about Dry Shampoo
Back several years ago you couldn’t find Dry shampoo anywhere, now it has returned to popularity. What’s all the rage? Well, if you a grease ball like me hair wise its great? My hair after one day is just very greasy and the Dry shampoo works as a powder like aerosol spray to fluff it

Confessions of a Makeup Hoarder

Do you need help with organization, hoarding is nothing to be taken lightly. But a lot of people have those tendencies. It’s easy for it to get out of control as you accumulate stuff. I was on a kick buying Makeup for a while. I would just get a new thing because I had misplaced

How I Furnished Our Air B&B for $200

We were attempting to sell my dad’s property, he had a house when he passed. That we had lived in and knew very well. The house was getting no interest just unfurnished and empty.So in the mean time we decided to Air BB it for some income while it was selling. It’s interesting how furniture